Hotels to Home

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

– Maya Angelou


Do you know the comfort of your own bed? How about the coziness of your “own space” where you throw off your shoes, flop on the couch, and let the dishes stack up? Since we sold our home in May we haven’t really had a place to call our own, even though we experienced some amazing hospitality before we moved (thanks Mom and Bobby and Rick and Lorraine Davies). After arriving in London on September 13th, we shuffled into a tiny hotel, though admittedly we would have been willing to sleep on some cardboard boxes under a bus bench (gotta love those red-eye flights!). Two days later we flew into Edinburgh where we had reserved a vacation rental flat for 8 days. Numerous letting (rental) agencies assured us that the housing market moved quickly and finding accommodations within our time span was easily attainable. While the “harvest was plentiful” with housing the availability (move-in dates) limited our options. In the end, we figured that the earliest housing would be available October 1st, some 7 days after our vacation rental was up. This meant a few more days in a tiny hotel (bummer). However, we lucked out in our search and found a great flat, owned by a sweet couple (which means no management co. to deal with!). The house is in a great neighborhood, with a good primary school, and only a short bike/bus ride to New College. Our place is on the 5th floor, which means we get a great workout (especially when we’re carrying two bags of groceries) and an even better view. The flat also came fully furnished with beds, neat furniture, dishes, silverware, and even cooking utensils! These extra inclusions helped us keep our move-in budget on track, which was nice considering the extra hotel expenses we incurred while patiently counting down to October 1st. We snapped a few photos to welcome you to our new home. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement while our search for housing ensued.